BB2 solutions

We're Clickstream Designs, and we write code that makes BB2 do the kind of things that you always wanted it to do.  

BB2 is short for BlockBuilder 2 and it's the flagship site building module from SBI.  

It's a great web site building system - we used it to build this site.  

Take a look at it on your mobile!  You'll be surprised....

Then click on some of the buttons below to find out more.

Mobile solutions

Mobilize It! - and how we can make your site look even better on a smartphone.

Get better looking mobile navigation buttons that are easy for your visitors to use.

Put your mobile navigation area back at the top of the page, using our mobile navigation button.

Desktop solutions

Some examples of templates we've setup.  People often don't believe they're made in BB2...

We can turn a 3 column site into a 2 column site without losing all of your previous formatting.

Book your site into our repair shop - useful for those times when your  problems just won't go away.

For Nav buttons that only work with 1 line of text - we can make them fit over 2 or even 3 lines

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Along the way, we've come across some useful stuff. 

We've put some of it into our resources section. 

First, some useful tools that make life easier.  We use them everyday.

We explain HTML, tell you where it came from, and show you how to write some from scratch.

What's a PageWrapper?  We explain the layers that make up the main areas on a BB2 page.