How BB2 works

The best way to learn how BB2's various toolbars and buttons work is to visit the SBI "BB2 Help files". They'll explain everything you need to know, complete with pictures, and are very good.

But, if you're brand new to computers, there are some things you won't have come across before - like what is html?

And, hand in glove with html, there's also something called CSS. What's that?

This section is about explaining things that aren't in the Help files.

What is html?

This is written especially for all those people who are brand new to computers, and who would like to know what html is.  

It explains what it means, who was responsible for it, where it comes from and gives some useful links to other easy to understand resources.

Click here to read more about html...

What is CSS?

Here we explain in real easy to understand language, just what CSS is all about.

Click here to read more about CSS...

What are the various areas that make up a BB2 page?

Once you open the BB2 Site Designer, you see lots of references to different parts of a web page. Especially to the Body, PageWrapper, Header, Content Column and so on.

But what do these terms mean? And why are they useful to me?

And why are they in layers?

Click here to read more about the main areas on a BB2 page...