Our Services

At Clickstream, we don't write content, and we don't do SEO, but we do work a lot with code and images.

Here are some of the things we do.

1. We make SBI sites look good on mobile phones

2.  3 column into 2 conversion without losing your formatting

3. We bring your Mobile Navigation back to the top of the page

4. We set up BB2 templates

5. We fix individual coding problems

Making SBI websites look good on a mobile

Internet traffic is growing at 25%+ year on year.  Mobile traffic, on the other hand, is growing at 80%+ year on year.  Source - CISCO

Right now, some SBI sites have over 50% of their visitors coming in on a mobile platform. And those visitors are used to seeing modern looking, sleek, easy-to-use web sites.  

Take a look at our site on your smartphone.  

We've gone to great lengths to make it easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate in the mobile view.

In this screenshot, you can see the Navigation is clear and unmistakable.

Looking good on mobile is becoming more important by the day.

Want to see some of the things we've done?

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3 column into 2 column conversion

Change your 3 column site into a 2 column site without losing any of your previous formatting

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Dropdown mobile Nav buttons

If you've always wanted to move your Navigation area back to the top of the page ...

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Website template set up

At first, we called this section "Website Design".  

You can see that our own preference is for a clean, minimalist look like the one we've got for this site.

But over time, we've discovered that most people know what kind of design they want  - they just don't know how to get it into BB2.

So, we changed the name to "website template setup".  

That's much better at describing what we do.  

Most people want someone who can take their ideas and turn them into reality.

And we're good at that ...

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The Code Repair Shop

Sometimes you don't need to get a template designed, or a mobile site enhanced.

You just have a one off problem that needs fixing!

And you know it always takes longer to sort out than you first thought.

It's for times like these that we put together the Code Repair Shop.

Take a look at some of the most common mistakes we come across ...

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