Picture Gallery


1.  This is a regular BB2 page on a regular BB2 site. The Nav Column and Extra Column have been hidden to make it a single column page.

2.  The width has been increased from 1000px to 1024px. The background color to the Content Column has been made transparent.  The background to the Body section is light blue.

3.  The slider is the Royal Slider by Dmitry Semenov.  It costs $15 for a single user licence. You can find it here.


4.  Most of the images are png's and are hosted on my Dropbox account.

Why did I not host them on my Solo Build It site?

Because on Dropbox, I can make different folders for the images (Big, Normal and Thumb folders). The organization and housekeeping of the images is made much easier by keeping them separate from my regular Solo Build It images.

5.  I used these 2 sites to further compress the images.