The Code Repair Shop

This is the place to come if you've got any unresolved coding problems.

It's where we fix all those individual problems that, added together, can cause quite a headache.

To be honest, there's nothing magical about HTML.  

In theory, everybody can write their own, and then fix it when problems occur.  But in practice, it's not quite like that.

The truth is that it takes a while to get the hang of writing code. Then - and this is important - you've got to like doing it or else it becomes a real chore. 

Most people don't like it, but, luckily we do!

So, we've set up this service to fix individual one off coding problems.

Think of it as booking your site in for a quick service!

Common mistakes

We've been doing this quite a while, and there aren't many mistakes that we haven't seen. This means we can fix most problems quite fast. 

Here are some of the most common we come across - and the ways to fix them.

Q.  Why has my Nav Bar or ExtraColumn disappeared?

A.  This often happens because a closing div tag has been missed out of a raw html block used in one of your columns.  

TIP:  The side columns haven't disappeared, the page layout has just been re-arranged. If you zoom out of the page by using pressing the Control and minus keys repeatedly, you can often see the Nav Bar lurking off to the left.

Like this ...

The solution is to go through any raw html that you are using, and make sure that each opening div tag, <div>, is matched by another closing div tag, </div>.

Q.  Suddenly, all the text on my page has turned into one big blue block that's underlined.  What's gone wrong?

A.  This is always the result of missing out the closing tag for a link made in a raw html block.

<a href="the place you want your link to go to">words on your page here</a>

If you miss out the closing tag (the </a> part), the browser thinks the link has not been closed, and treats everything that follows as part of that link. 

Q.  Why don't the images on my page appear when I publish the page? 

A.  This usually happens because the closing tag for some <iframe> code has been missed out.

Many Amazon affiliate product links use <iframe> coding.  This means you could be using <iframe> code without even realizing it.  

Most html tags come in pairs.

The <iframe> tags are written like this.

<iframe> your code in here  </iframe>

If you don't add the </frame> part, then all your images disappear. Strange but true!

Generally, this problem is resolved by going back to Amazon, copying new code, and making sure that you paste it completely onto the page.

Contact Us

If you've got a coding problem, and it's getting you down, just Contact Us. 

You don't need us to tell you that there are more productive things you could be doing do with your time. 

It's not expensive.  Try us and see!